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The USA Border

Central American migrants meet the USA border…

What are the issues here?

Central Americans are being forced from their homelands for various reasons. They travel all the way to northern Mexico where they meet the USA border. Everything they know tells them that life will be better further north. However, they have many obstacles to overcome! The USA does not want them! Their internal politics have determined that these refugees are not welcome!
In reality, this is no different from that boats that were and still are heading to Australia!

They are simply being intercepted and incarcerated before they get anywhere near Australia!
If we look at Matthew 25:31-46, we see that we are to be judged according to how we have responded to others.

  • When they are hungry, did I give them food?
  • When they are thirsty, did I give them drink?
  • When they were strangers, did I welcome them?
  • When they lacked clothing, did I clothe them?
  • When they are sick or in prison, did I visit them?
  • How can we reconcile these two positions?
  • Which is the appropriate position to maintain?

I have always had difficulty reconciling these! I believe that our political leaders have made the wrong choice for us! We need to treat these refugees as Matthew says. However, if some of these then prove to be other than refugees, then the appropriate action should be taken against them. We need to act with a preference for the poor and oppressed.

Over to you…


Min Wullems

Burning Bush

There is a “burning bush” in my garden – an ancient callistemon tree which most of the year looks old and tired. But every now and again it bursts into bloom with a profusion of bright red bottle-brush blossoms.

These attract the birds to feed on its nectar - rainbow lorrikeets and honey eaters who swing from branch to branch, sometimes dangling upside down to access the honey and simultaneously screeching joyously.
Before the sun rises, both tree and birds are black in sillouette against the silvery sky but as daylight dawns, their brilliant colours are revealed in all their glory, as if to say “Here I am Lord!” I find it a good time to pray in simple wonder. My own sound and light show in the garden!

I am reminded of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed. The kingdom of heaven is like a seed that starts off so small but gradually grows into a tree which becomes a haven of hospitality for all the birds of the air. They take shelter, resting and nesting in its branches and are periodically nourished with sweet honey when it flowers. A desire emerges. Would that my family and my Faber faith community could be such a place of welcome, rest and nurture before flying out into the world once more on mission.

Is there a burning bush attracting your attention right now?

Liz Kerr

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