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Finding My Christ Centre

Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) was aware of the mysterious union that exists among the cosmic, the human and the divine.

We are called to find this union in the ordinariness of our lives if we allow ourselves the freedom first to find the Christ Centre within us, then to follow Christ by trusting in God's unconditional love.

We can do it if we enter within ourselves and honestly accept God's love for us; if we can say "this is what I am and it is good" and know in that goodness Christ lives.

We can do it if we relinquish our idols, our need to control, our frenzied impersonal activity and allow ourselves to enter the still point of our lives wherein lies the seed of eternity.

We need the freedom to be ourselves as God created us and loves us, and we need the courage to live in God's love humbly, attentively and with compassion.

If we can do this, then we are free to open our eyes to the wonder of Christ in the marvellous diversity of creation, we are free to celebrate the world in its global richness.

When we discover the power of Christ within us we will discover the power to heal the world, and this healing power will be the hope of our future in God.

                                          - Ilia Delio, osf (2005)

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About Faber

The Faber Centre of Ignatian Spirituality offers a variety of spiritual exercises, spiritual guidance, formation programs and different kinds of retreats.

Our focus is not religious services, but spiritual exercises and spiritual guidance for persons of different religions or of no religion, to develop their freedom and the interiority of their daily human experiences, to discern their beliefs, and for Christian believers to explore their faith in God for a better service of God, through, with, and in Christ.

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