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What we believe as Christians

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As Christians We Believe...

We believe what what we see is not all there is and that underpinning all that I call reality is a mystery infinitely greater and wiser than I am.

We believe that this mystery causes all things to unfold in widom and toward the greater fullness of life, that this mystery means well with us and strives constantly to bring the more life-giving outcome from all that happens, drawing our poor to better and our better to best.  We call this mystery God.  

Yet we see the effects of the opposite dynamic also at work, dragging our best down to mediocre and our poor to worst.  Everything in the story so far convinces us that life will prevail over death and light over darkness.

We believe that we are all invited to cooperate in this great adventure we call life, as partners in the ongoing creativity of God on planet Earth, and that we have the power within us to choose, continually, the drawing of God over the drag of the darkness.  I believe this is what discernment means.

We believe that two thousand years ago a child called Jesus was born to humble parents in the Middle East, that in his life he revealed what the fullness of God's unfolding dream looks like in human form when it is fully evolved, showing us the way to live so that our lives, too, reveal and incarnate some small but uniquely precious fragment of God's dream for humanity.

We believe that Jesus was killed on the cross because he lived absolutely true to God's dream for life on the earth and thus challenged the powers of darkness and the systems of domination of this time, and that those same powers or darkness and domination destroyed his early life.  I believe that this is the cost of living true to God's dream, that the dynamic of darkenss lurks both within us and beyond us, and that anyone who tries to live true to God in this or her own life will also encounter a cross in some form.

We believe that although Jesus died, he transcends death in ways we cannot understand, and that his Spirit lives on and flows through the lives of all who are willing to be channels for that transforming power, whether they know it or not.

We believe that doesn't matter so much what I believe about Jesus, as it does that I am willing to follow in the path he models, knowing what it may cost.   I believe that if I do try to follow him, his Spirit will constantly guide, and energize, and shape my journey and that of the whole human family.

We believe that, although I am an individual, called to give expression to some fragment of Gods's dream, I have no meaning except in relationship. I believe that the relationship among God the source of all being, Jesus the one who reveals this mystery in human form, and the Spirit who brings the source of life into our everyday living is a model of a relationship in which all of us are called to participate, a dance of life we are invited to join.

We believe that, at the end of the day, "to believe" means to trust the mystery I call God and not try to define it.


Margaret Silf, 2012 (with slight modifications)



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